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With a Johnson scholarship behind you, you have everything in front of you. Since 1998, the Johnson scholarship program has awarded over $1,000,000 in scholarships and academic grants to students across Canada.


The 2015 Johnson Inc. Scholarship Program is open and applications can now be submitted.


Who May Apply

To apply, applicants must be:

  • a Canadian resident;
  • completing high school in 2015; and,
  • commencing post-secondary education in the fall of 2015. 

Applicants must also fall into one of the following categories:

  • have a home or auto policy through Johnson;
  • have a parent/guardian or grandparent who has a home or auto policy through Johnson;
  • have a parent/guardian or grandparent who is a member/employee of a Johnson sponsor/client group; or
  • be a child/grandchild of a Johnson employee.


Online Application Form

Applications shall be submitted on the completion of the applicant's graduating year of high school.


Completed application forms must be submitted by August 31, 2015 and must include an official high school transcript of your final year marks.


Please see the online application form to obtain full requirements and submission instructions.


Scholarship Amount

Johnson will award 50 scholarships each valued at $1,000 to students attending a post-secondary educational institution in Canada in the fall of 2015.


Selection and Announcement of Winners

An independent examiner(s) is retained to review and evaluate all applications and identify the successful candidates for 2015. Please note that the decision of the examiner(s) is final and not subject to appeal.  Selection of successful applicants will be completed by October 31, 2015.


As a condition of this application, the applicant hereby consents to Johnson Inc. publicly announcing the name of each successful scholarship applicant, his/her home province, and, where applicable, the name of any Johnson sponsor/client group with which they are associated.


Printing This Page

If you would like to print the information on this page, please download the PDF.


For More Information

If you require further information, please call toll free 1-866-544-2673 or email