Car Insurance: Coverage Details

Sure, you receive lots of extra features so your car insurance goes the extra mile, but it’s the coverage that’s most important. You're covered with the basics, plus the options that suit your needs and your budget.


What Do You Get With Auto Insurance Through Johnson?

Start with the basics, then add the options that suit you and your budget.

Find out which provinces and territories we cover. 


The Basics Coverages

What’s included in every auto insurance policy?


  • You choose $1 million or $2 million

How it helps you:

If by owning or operating your vehicle you cause damage or physical injury to others, this insurance compensates the person who's suffered the injury or property damage


Uninsured Auto
  • Standard

How it helps you:

Protects you if you are hurt or killed by an uninsured or hit & run driver. Your vehicle damage and contents may also be covered.


Accident Benefits
  • Not standard in NL (optional)
  • If you live in Ontario, you can choose additional optional benefits

How it helps you:

If you or a passenger are injured or killed in an accident, this coverage provides medical benefits regardless of who caused the accident


Direct Compensation Property Damage
  • Standard

How it helps you:

It covers damages to your vehicle and its contents, as well as loss of use costs in an accident where another driver was at fault.

The amount of the payment decreases based on the degree you were at fault in the accident.


Optional Car Insurance Coverages

You can choose to add other coverages so that your policy fits you perfectly.


  • You could qualify to choose a deductible starting at $250

How it helps you:

If your car is damaged other than in a collision (by hail, fire, theft or vandalism), this may help pay for repairs


  • You could qualify to choose a deductible starting at $500

How it helps you:

This covers repairs to your vehicle after a collision that you are responsible for


All Perils
  • You choose the deductible

How it helps you:

All Perils gives you Comprehensive and Collision, plus it covers theft by a person who lives in your house or by an employee who drives the vehicle


Depreciation Benefit

How it helps you:

A new car's value depreciates quickly. The depreciation benefit adds value back to vehicles in a claim. You may be eligible to get this coverage if you also have All Perils, Collision or Comprehensive coverage.


Rental Vehicle

How it helps you:

If you have collision and comprehensive on your policy, you can add rental vehicle coverage for any car rental you make in Canada and the U.S. for your personal use. That way, you're insured by an insurer you know, before you go.


Loss of Use/Transportation Replacement

How it helps you:

Being without your car is inconvenient and stressful. This solves that problem, by helping to pay the cost of transportation while your vehicle is having repairs done which are covered by your policy.


Roadside Assistance

How it helps you:

When you're stranded by the roadside, who can you call? With optional Roadside Assistance coverage, you'll soon have help.


Find out  about the “extras” that will make your auto insurance go the extra mile. 


Things You’ll Want to Know

Auto insurance not available in BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Alternate policies available in Quebec.


Johnson Inc. is a licensed insurance intermediary. Auto policies are primarily underwritten by Unifund Assurance Company (“Unifund”). Unifund and Johnson Inc. (“Johnson”) share common ownership. Auto insurance is not available in BC, SK, MB. Home and auto insurance not available in NU. An alternate plan is available in Quebec. Eligibility requirements, limitations, or exclusions may apply and/or may vary by province/territory. READ MORE