Canada Post Work Disruption

Information Regarding Postal Services

You may be aware of an evolving labour dispute at Canada Post that has the potential to disrupt mail services. We want our customers to know we are keeping a close eye on this situation so any potential disruption is minimized.
We encourage customers to take advantage of our many existing procedures for claims processing and day-to-day administration of your account. And know that we will also endeavour to make accommodations whenever possible to get you the efficient service you’ve come to expect. 
Rest assured, we will be here to make sure you’re looked after.
Below is more detailed information about Group Benefits, Home and Car, and Medoc Travel Insurance

For Group Benefits 

We currently provide Group Benefits members with options to submit claims and receive reimbursement without requiring mail service. We’re also putting measures in place to minimize disruptions should there be problems with postal delivery. Here are steps you can take and things you should know:
Ask healthcare providers if they offer direct billing: We encourage you to use direct billing when healthcare providers offer this option (e.g. physiotherapists, optometrists, etc.). 
Drop off claims and other forms: You are welcome to request and send forms by fax or email, to be printed and completed at home. They can also be dropped off in-person at a local branch listed
Set up direct deposit: Claims reimbursement can be deposited directly into your bank account. Call us to find out how.
  • If dropping off at a branch, include a void cheque along with forms and receipts.
Paying Premiums at Scotiabank: Johnson has made arrangements for Group Benefits members to make insurance payments at Scotiabank at no cost. Bring your cheque payment to Scotiabank in an envelope, addressed to Johnson Inc. C/O Scotiabank–transit #50013 and reference your name, member number, and group name or affiliation.
If Canada Post advises of a complete work stoppage cheques will be held until mail services resume: We want to ensure any cheques we issue make it to you, so we will hold all cheques until mail services resume.
Group Benefits I.D. cards: Since we cannot mail cards if Canada Post has a complete work stoppage, you’re welcome to call us for policy and I.D. numbers, which will be acceptable for most medical providers, including pharmacies.
For Group Benefits claim inquiries, you can always call us at any of the numbers listed here.

For Home & Auto Policies

In the event you need to make a claim, we will be here to help. We also have steps in place to process premiums to ensure home and/or auto policies are kept active.
Filing a Home or Auto Claim
Call us to start your claim: Our claims line is open 24/7 — call 1.844.229.1027. We’ll work with you to get any forms required to you. 
Depending on the nature of your loss, Johnson will either courier your claims cheque or hold your cheque until the end of the mail interruption. We will work with you to help determine the best course of action.
Paying Premiums

Set up automatic bank withdrawal or payroll deduction: In many cases, we can arrange for direct payments. Call 1.888.737.1689 to find out if you qualify. Please note, there will be no interruption if you are already using automated bank withdrawal.

Pay by credit card: Simply call our Customer Care Centre at 1.888.737.1689 or Customer Accounts and Billing at 1.877.391.1190 and provide your Visa, MasterCard or Amex number. 

Pay through online banking: So long as you have your Unifund 16-digit account number, you can pay at an ATM, your bank cashier, by telebanking (by phone to your financial institution), or by internet banking (payee is Unifund Assurance Company).

Getting Documents during a Canada Post complete work stoppage
We will email or fax essential documentation: Proof of insurance for vehicles, confirmations of insurance letters for home and auto, and other essential documentation can be provided by email or fax*. 
Non-essential documents will be held until postal services resume: If documentation is required urgently, please call and we will gladly find a way to assist.
Customers can use also our Self Service Portal online to:
  • Download Temporary Liability Cards
  • Download Confirmation of Insurance Letters (Auto Only) 

*Some conditions apply

We’re always here for our customers. To call with questions:
Johnson 24/7 Claims Line: 1.844.229.1027
Johnson Customer Care Centre: 1.888.737.1689

For Johnson MEDOC® Travel Insurance customers

The most important thing to know is that, should the unexpected occur when you’re travelling, Johnson will still be fully available to assist you. When it comes to processing claims or other insurance documents, we will work with you to minimize any disruptions caused by the interruption in postal services.  
Submit a new claim: Call your Claims Assistance Company to get your claim started:
Our Claims Assistance partners will help you get your claim going quickly and can advise on how to get your claims reimbursement to you. Make sure you hold onto all original receipts and documents in case they’re needed later. 
Payments and refunds: If you need to change or correct banking information, it can be emailed or faxed*. Call 1.866.606.3362 for details.


There should be no disruption in payment schedules for MEDOC®, as all deductions are processed via automatic bank withdrawal.
Unfortunately, refund cheques cannot be sent during a complete Canada Post disruption. In some circumstances, you may be able to pick up a refund cheque at your local branch — call 1.866.606.3362 first to discuss. 
For all non-claims inquiries, call 1.866.606.3362 or email [email protected]
*If you choose to communicate by email or fax, please be reminded that there is a risk of misdirection or interception in sending personal information by email or fax. For outgoing messages from Johnson, please contact us should you not receive your anticipated email within a reasonable amount of time. For messages incoming to Johnson, an automatic reply is sent from our email server and you should contact us should you not receive the automated reply.