Bills and Payments

We do our best to make paying your premiums affordable and convenient. Cheque or online, prompt payments help ensure your coverage is there if you need it.

Have questions about your bill or your premiums

We’re happy to help.

Just call 1.888.739.1209 

You choose the way you want to pay.


To pay by cheque

Mail a cheque to the address on your invoice.

Please include your account number on the cheque.


To pay online

  1. Log into your bank’s website
  2. Set up Unifund Assurance Company as a payee, using the account number on your invoice. If you have multiple policies, you’ll need to set up a payee for each account number
  3. Fill in the mandatory fields to submit the payment


Tips for hassle-free payments

Your account number is 16 digits; please don’t use dashes, extra characters or spaces.

If you have trouble setting up online payments, your bank’s customer service team can help.

Advisory: Beware of Cheque Scam

Johnson has recently become aware of a cheque scam impacting Johnson customers as well as non-customers. The scam involves a forged letter from the ‘Mystery Global Survey Group’ and is accompanied by a forged cheque. 

The recipients are led to believe that they have received a payment from the Mystery Global Survey Group’s sponsor, Johnson, as part of a mystery shopping assignment. The recipient is asked to deposit the forged cheque immediately, keep a portion for themselves, and withdraw the rest as cash for the mystery shopping assignment.

These letters and the cheques that accompany them are fraudulent. They look credible, professional and use legitimate names; however, they are not related to Johnson or any campaign that we are part of or endorse. 

If you are a Johnson policyholder or claimant and have any questions as to whether any Johnson cheque is valid, please contact Johnson Treasury at 709-737-1551 or toll free 1866-325-8821.