Compliments & Complaints

No doubt about it, we love to get your compliments. But, even more important, if we got it wrong, please tell us. We’d like to try to make it better.

Have a compliment or complaint

Either way, we'd love to hear it!  We’ll try to make it better, right from the first call you make. But if you’re not satisfied, we have a process in place to give you options for more help.



If it's to do with a claim, speak to your Claims Adjuster, or to their team leader, first. They'll try to fix it if they can.


Not claims-related

If it's not claims-related, please call 1.844.230.2275 to talk to a Service Specialist.


Not happy with the result

1. Contact the Complaint Liaison Officer.

Bring the issue to our Complaint Liaison Officer. It is this person's job to take a second look at any issue you feel hasn't been resolved. You can get in touch with the Complaint Liaison Officer by phone, fax or letter.

Find your Complaint Liasion Officer contact.


As well as the details of your concern, please have your policy number at hand. This will help the Complaint Liaison Office start your review as quickly as possible.

The goal is resolving your compliant within five working days. If it’s just not possible, we will let you know within the five working days that it will take longer and explain the reasons why.


2. Ask for independent assistance

If you aren’t happy with the Complaint Liaison Officer’s decision, ask us for a final position letter. This letter will explain Johnson Inc.'s final decision on the issue and will include information on how to escalate your complaint.

The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR) has information about your options. They can refer you to the regulator in your province who helps with insurance complaints.

You can contact the CCIR at (416) 590-7290 or visit their website.