Fort McMurray, We Are Here for You

To all those affected by the devastating events in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas - our hearts are with you. Taking care of you is our top priority.


We've compiled information & tips we think will be helpful as the evacuation ban is lifted and to help guide you through the next steps in the insurance claim process.

If you require assistance with any questions or a claim please contact us anytime at 1-844-229-1272 and we will help you through this. Our experienced claims staff are available 24/7.

Here is some additional information that will help you navigate the claims process upon your return: 

Advice for Returning to your home once local authorities grant access:

  • Continue listening to the radio for information and instructions.
  •  Visit the Alberta government site for emergency updates:
  • Do not re-enter the house unless an authorized person has confirmed it to be safe.
  • Have a battery-operated flashlight on hand for light.
  • If you have a smartphone, ensure that it’s fully charged to allow you to take photos of your property.
  • Be cautious when re-entering your home as the area may be hazardous due to a shift and damage in structures.
  • Do not attempt to restore your own utilities.
  • Check food and water supplies for contamination and spoilage before consumption and use. 
  • Wear proper shoes when walking through broken glass or debris, and use heavy gloves when removing debris.
  • Depending on the extent of damage to your home, it’s helpful to have a bag handy so you can use it to retrieve valuables and important documents if accessible.  
  • Let your family and friends know you are safe.
  • Once you are safely back into your home, call your Claims Representative to walk you through the next steps regarding any property damages that may have occurred.

Assessing damage to your motor vehicle:

Once your vehicle is accessible, our staff will complete an assessment of the damages and explain your claim settlement options to you.    
If your vehicle is repairable, we can help you find a reliable vendor for auto repairs after a claim.
Three great reasons to use a Guaranteed Repair Facility.
  1. You’ll get quick estimate approval and a trustworthy supplier
  2. You may only need one estimate
  3. We’ll guarantee the work as long as you’re insured with us
You of course can elect to have the repairs estimated and completed by a service provider of your choice.  

If your vehicle has been determined non repairable: 

Our staff will explain and walk you through the calculation of your total loss settlement.  They will work with you on completing the following documents:
  • Bill of sale form 
  • Signed Proof of Loss
  • VIR  - Vehicle Inspection Regulation 
We will arrange to have a cheque available to you for pick up at our Edmonton office or complete an electronic funds transfer.  

Assessing damage to your property:

After you are permitted back onto your property, your adjuster will be able to make arrangements with you to attend and inspect the damage. They will confirm and explain coverage and then together you will look over your damaged home, personal items and motor vehicle(s) and explain in detail how the claims process will unfold and what to expect during the process. Our claims professionals will advise you on the next steps. 

A detailed review of repairs will be completed and provided to you.  You will have an opportunity to review and decide on how you want to proceed with the settlement of your claim.  

If possible, you should remove valuables and important documents, such as passports, SIN cards, birth certificates, insurance documents, bank and credit card info, medical prescriptions, mortgage papers and account info for service providers (utilities, phone companies, etc.).

Do not handle hazardous materials such as aerosol cans, paint, solvents, propane tanks or cleaning fluids.

Consult your municipal website about their safe disposal.

If you left your car when you were evacuated and it was damaged or burned by the fire, do not attempt to start it or move it.

Assessing your property:

Once an appraisal has been completed of your property and motor vehicle(s), your adjuster will explain your settlement options with you. 

A claims representative will visit your home to confirm and explain your coverage.  A review of the damage to your property will also be completed.  Photos of the damage will be obtained by our claims representative and the representative will also start putting together an estimate of repair costs.  

Our claims representative may also work closely with various experts to assist us in assessing and calculating your claim costs. 

If your home is unlivable, your claims representative will explain the additional living expense coverage and options on surrounding alternative accommodations. 

Settlement Options

After a review of your claim is completed, your claims representative will present you with a final repair estimate and discuss your settlement options with you. 
  • Use one of our vendors to complete the repairs to your home and we guarantee the work completed.  
  • Elect to have the repairs completed by a service provider of your choice.
  • Take a cash settlement based on the repair estimate, excluding contractor profit, overhead, taxes, and trade expertise. 
  • Withdraw the claim if repair costs are less than your deductible

Here’s what will happen if you’ve chosen one of our vendors to complete repairs:

Emergency work will begin and may include securing the building, cleaning of building surfaces or contents, and inspection of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical systems. The vendor will ask you to sign a “Work Authorization Form” before any work can commence and you will need to provide and pay the vendor your deductible amount at this time.  

The contents and objects in your home may need to be moved and stored at a secure storage facility for cleaning and until your home is deemed livable again.  Contents and objects that cannot be cleaned and restored will be listed by your claims representative who will work with you to discuss your settlement options.  Once the emergency portion is complete, the final repairs will proceed based on the estimate provided to you by your claims representative.  Throughout this entire process, your claims representative will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Some additional information to help you get back on track:

Click here to register with the Canadian Red Cross 
Click here to contact Canada Post to learn more about your mail forwarding options  

What is Johnson doing to assist customers during this time?

We have a thorough and proactive plan in place to assist customers affected by the Fort McMurray wildfires. We have staff working 24 hours a day handling claims calls and providing customer support. We will continue to have our teams in place to support our customers. Providing peace of mind and hassle free customer service is our main focus. 

What additional steps do I need to take?

If your property and/or vehicle has been damaged, here are a few tips to keep in mind: 
  • Keep receipts for any clean up or replacement costs.
  • When you are able to return to your community, property owners are requested not to sift through the debris as the site could pose dangers to you and your family. If sifting is required, please check with emergency officials before proceeding. 
  • Home owners are advised to create a diagram of their home, indicating where furniture, appliances, wall hangings etc. were located. 
  • Try to detail as much information as possible regarding home contents and automobile descriptions.