Landlord and Rental Income Insurance

Damage to a property you rent out is a big hassle. Insuring a rental and making a claim shouldn’t be. Designed for the landlord with one or two units, this insurance protects your rental property and the income you’re banking on. 

The Basics

Where do we provide this coverage? 

Home and contents coverage

  • You choose the deductible, starting at $500
  • How it helps you: If there’s damage to the rental property covered by your policy, this helps pay the costs of repairs or rebuilding

Personal liability 

  • You choose $1 million or $2 million in coverage
  • How it helps you: If you unintentionally injure somebody (at home or elsewhere), this helps pay the cost of damages to them


  • How it helps you: This covers a lot more than just your house – damage to a garage or shed, even accidental damage in many circumstances or voluntary medical expenses, as covered in your policy

Water damage/sewer backup

  • How it helps you: You’re covered for certain damages by water

The Options

Coverage for loss of use

  • How it helps you: If the property you rent out is unrentable due to damage, will you be able to make mortgage payments? If you count on that rental income, add this coverage to your policy, so you can rest easy

Things you’ll want to know

  • You need to have a Johnson home insurance policy for this coverage
  • Only well maintained and regularly inspected rental units qualify
  • In Quebec? We are not currently able to provide this insurance in Quebec


Home and auto policies are primarily underwritten by Unifund Assurance Company (“Unifund”). Unifund and Johnson share common ownership. Auto insurance is not available in BC, SK and MB. An alternate plan is available in QC. Eligibility requirements, limitations or exclusions may apply and/or may vary by province/territory.