Travel Insurance: Coverage Details

No matter how light you travel, you need to bring travel insurance. Buying it from your group provider means great pricing; when it comes through Johnson it also means flexibility. You’re completely covered, no matter what your travel style.


Business trips, trips for kids travelling alone, snowbird seasonal travel… you name it, we can build it.


The Basics

  • Up to $5 million CAD for emergency medical issues 

  • Interruption and delay - Features you’d usually pay more for, like cancellation insurance and baggage loss/delay, are included

  • Coverage for eligible dependent children, travel for a family member to be with you, returning a pet or vehicle. It’s all here if you need it

The Options

  • Coverage for children travelling solo - Even if you aren’t travelling with them, you may be able to purchase this insurance for your children

  • Seasonal travel coverage - You get the same comprehensive coverage for 6 months as you would for 2 weeks away. Just add the Supplementary Plan to your policy and you’re covered for a long getaway and any shorter trip you take during the year. Pay one annual fee, or a monthly fee without interest or administration costs

The Hassle-Free Promise

  • Simple - It’s simple to apply for, and you can cover all of your trips for a year… all online and instantly. We’ll even automatically reissue your policy each year so you’re always ready to go

  • Comprehensive - We support holiday fun, so you’ll be covered for some holiday activities

  • Unbeatable customer service - Wherever, whenever, as fast as we can get to the phone. There’s less waiting and it’s hassle-free to purchase or ask questions

  • 24/7 emergency help - You'll have access to 24/7 help, as well as translation services or help finding a hospital where they speak your language


Let the hassle-free travel coverage begin!


Johnson Inc. (“Johnson”) is a licensed insurance intermediary. MEDOC® is a Registered Trademark of Johnson. MEDOC is primarily underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (“RSA”) and administered by Johnson. Johnson and RSA share common ownership.  Johnson and RSA share common ownership.

A 90-day Health Stability Clause applies to pre-existing medical conditions and other restrictions may apply. The terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions which apply to the described coverage are as set out in the policy. Policy wordings prevail.